Youth Sessions

Investing in the youth is biggest investment one can make. Our youth wings, MUNA Youth and Youngs Sisters of MUNA, are working tirelessly to ensure that our children grow up to be God-consciousness and upright individuals and live their lives in the footst

Children's Rides

During the convention, keep your children engaged and occupied with fun activities, inflatable Bounce Rides and many more games !!!


Ummah Cultural Group, MUNA Children Group, Renown Singer- Saifullah Mansur, Palestinian-American Nasheed artist Waheeb Nassan from Chicago,Iqbal H J, Dr.Ataul Usmani.

Huge Bazaar & Expo

We believe that economic activity is vital for the development of any community. Not surprisingly, one of the main events in the Convention is the "MUNA Bazaar (Trade Show)". More than 100 vendors and businesses participate in the MUNA Bazaar. P

Health Clinic

A beautiful lifestyle begins with a healthy body. So visit our health clinic and take care of your health. Check the status of your health from expert physicians with unique specialties. Your health is a trust from the Creator and ensuring your physical we

Children's Program

Children's program will be provided for the registered children at the MUNA Convention 2019 from July 5 - 7, 2019. Program Highlights includes Children Talent Show and Qirat Competition. Various other activities will be available both on Saturday and

Parallel Sessions

MUNA Convention 2023

Matrimonial Matchmaking

Matrimonial Service starts at July 5th Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Contact: Riajul Karim| Email: [email protected]. | Cell: 509-432-9457