Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 06/06/2018


1. Vendors must wear badges at all times. Vendors without badges will not be allowed
in the bazaar area.
2. Vendors must wear Islamic attires at all the times at the convention.
3. All items displayed or sold in the bazaar must meet Islamic standards.
4. Vendors are not allowed to sell food, snacks, or beverages in the bazaar area.
5. MUNA has the right to cancel and remove a booth where a vendor publicizing promoting
a message which contradicts with Islamic Teachings as approved by MUNA executives.
6. All vendors must confine their activities and displays within their respective booths and
should not obstruct view or access to neighboring displays/ booths.
7. Vendors, for-profit or non-profit, are not allowed to solicit outside of their assigned booth
8. Vendors are not allowed to move from their assigned booth to another booth, take
additional booth space or move tables or chairs, drapes or poles from other booths.
9. Vendors are not allowed to have more than 3 feet of banner or hoarding on top of the
booth, or any type of curtain or banner which blocks other surrounding booths, MUNA
Bazaar management has the right to remove any such thing from the booth.
10. Vendors using audio/visual equipment must keep the volume low & acceptable to
neighboring vendors.
11. Electrical and Wi service is provided by the convention center. You pay for this service,
the order form is attached.
12. Every vendor is required to abide by the opening and closing hours of the Convention
center. Booths must be kept clean at all times.
13. MUNA is not responsible for any theft, damage, injury or any loss during the
convention. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain insurance coverage for their
14. Vendors will be responsible for any damage caused by them to the booth or any other
property of the Convention Center.
15. MUNA reserves the right to remove any vendor involved in un-Islamic activity, selling
or distributing anti-Islamic or pirated items.
16. Your booth(s) will be canceled if your credit card is declined or your check is not
received within two weeks of booth(s) registration.
17. MUNA bazaar management reserves the right to reassign booth(s) of the same
category to any vendor.
18. Vendors must arrange their own parking, Convention Center or MUNA will not provide
any parking.
Cancellation Policy:
• A fee of $50 per booth will apply if a booth is canceled after the reservation is made.
• Any cancellations or change has to be in written - No verbal or phone call will be
accepted. if you want to cancel your booth or would like to change, please send an
email at [email protected]
• A 50% refund will be issued for cancellation received between sixty (60) and thirty (30)
days before the convention.
• No refund will be issued for cancellation requests if receives less than thirty (30) days
from the convention start date.